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1. Why do women tend to set low prices for their products in the countryside?

a) Big modesty
b) They have a bad guess
c) They spend little time on it
d) They don't care

2. Which of the following platforms offers direct contact with customers - what does it mean that the customer trusts you?

a) e-Mail
b) Facebook
c) LinkedIn
d) Twitter

3. What does it mean to have a well-defined target market?

a) Not interested in anyone
b) Focus on general clients/market
c) Focus on specific clients/market
d) Targets all clients

4. What is SWOT Analysis?

a) Threats
b) Weaknesses
c) Opportunities
d) Threats/ opportunities, strenght/weaknesses

5. What is important in retaining a client?

a) Disinterest
b) Be friendly and professional
c) Bad advertising
d) Don´t answer their question

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