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1. Which of the following affirmations is correct?

a) A mentor has to take decisions on behalf of her mentee
b) A mentor does not have to have any specific skills; life experience is enough
c) Mentoring is a spontaneous process without any planning
d) A mentor has to identify the situation of her mentee as widely and clearly as possible

2. Which of the following represent obstacles for F2F-Trust Mentees?

a) Formalities for their certification as craftswomen
b) Storage space for raw materials
c) Finding the most suitable niche markets for products
d) All of the above

3. The mentees' needs analysis allows the mentor to:

a) Build the personalized mentoring plan
b) Develop the financial forecast
c) Assess the marketing strategy
d) Start a social media campaign

4. Which of the following is crucial for starting up a business?

a) The level of earnings
b) Finding the financial resources
c) Attending a training program
d) All of the above

5. What are the main aspects of the marketing mix?

a) Place, Potential, Product, Price
b) Promotion, Placement, Potential, Price
c) Product, Price, Promotion, Placement
d) Place, Promotion, Pleasure, People

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