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You have enrolled yourself for Cognition Quiz aiming your Perception Assessment for your "S1-M2 - Implementation of Mentoring for the F2F-Trust Project" Module. Here are the questions to assess yourself. Results will be made known only to you and our project's assessors, who will keep all your information and results at utmost confidential and never share them with third parties.

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1. What is the most important feature of a good monitor?

a) Give confidence to other party
b) Being a good listener
c) Show empathy towards
d) Be patient

2. What do you think communication means?

a) Listening
b) Talking
c) Consulting
d) Chatting

3. Are a good listener?

a) No
b) Partly
c) Sufficiently
d) Outstanding

4. Which of the following should not make a good mentor?

a) Trying to impose your own thoughts on mentee
b) Encouraging the mentee to act more comfortably under risk
c) Helping the mentee overcome her deficiencies
d) Being role model

5. If you realize that the mentee is not self-confident, how do you act?

a) I force her to take risk
b) I transfer my experiences to mentee
c) I think that she will be unsuccessful and I am not interest with her anymore
d) I postpone meetings

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