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1. What are the two most important parts of observation process?

a) Listening and asking questions
b) Perceiving and Asking good questions
c) Active listening and Asking good questions
d) Paraphrasing and active listening

2. During the mentoring process when as mentor should you provide feedback?

a) Only after all views have been discussed
b) At the end of each mentoring session
c) Early and often
d) Never

3. A mentoring relationship isn’t:

a) An active, learning one
b) Open but confidential
c) Purely patronage or sponsorship
d) A stretching, broadening experience for all parties

4. Which of the following definition is true to mentor’s attitude?

a) Take action on behalf of mentees
b) Intervene on behalf of mentees
c) Meet the mentees for confidential discussions
d) None

5. Which of the following is the main characteristic of the mentor?

a) Tutor
b) Saviour
c) Hero
d) Role Model

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