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1. Which equipment is crucial for starting your business at home?

a) Address stamps
b) Business cards
c) Desk and Computer/Laptop
d) e-Mail account

2. Which characteristic does not describe a good mentee?

a) Realistic Expectations
b) Being flexible
c) Complete dependence on mentor
d) Trust development

3. Which characteristic describe a good mentee?

a) Additional work after/before meetings
b) Complete dependence on mentor
c) Being active
d) Lack of devotion

4. Which digital tool would help you to correct the spelling and style mistakes of the written text?

a) CoSchedule
b) Facebook
c) Grammarly
d) Buzzsumo

5. Mark the correct main step, which can help to successfully move your business to the virtual space:

a) Finding partners
b) Creating an e-Shop
c) Creating a Facebook page
d) Delivery of products and goods

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