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1. Brainstorming is:

a) An effective technique used to bring a solution to an issue, to make decisions, to generate ideas
b) A positive, supportive relationship, encouraging young people to develop to their fullest potential
c) The capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing
d) A skill that can be acquired and developed with practice

2. Which of the following is not included in the Mentoring Business plan?

a) Your objectives and prospects
b) The customer group you want to reach
c) Mentoring sessions program
d) The new products / services you have planned

3. Which of the following possible pitfalls in a mentoring relationship?

a) Being proactive about contacting your mentor
b) Keeping your conversations confidential
c) Giving feedback to the mentor in your relationship on what works and what doesn't
d) Over dependency

4. Which of the following definition is false to mentoring for mentee?

a) Can magically open doors and get the job
b) Can increase technical knowledge
c) Can develop as a person
d) Can develop career potential

5. Which of the following definition is true to the mentees attitude?

a) Expecting her mentor to take any direction on her behalf
b) Discussing individual development planning with their mentor
c) Waiting for the mentor to prepare the mentoring session agenda
d) Knowing that you are a passive player in the mentoring relationship

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