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1. Social media as a channel for the promotion of goods are increasingly popular tools. Which one is a false statement?

a) You don't have to spend a high budget on advertising in social media
b) Communication with recipients in social media is easy and fast
c) Social media is a completely safe tool free from hacking attacks
d) Social media allows you to maintain customer relations and attract new customers

2. There are many social media platforms that your mentee can use to promote handicrafts. Which ones are best used?

a) At least one of the platforms: Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest
b) Both platforms: Facebook and TikTok
c) Both platforms: Instagram and Snapchat
d) At least one of the platforms: TikTok or Snapchat

3. Point out a false statement:

a) For effective promotion of handicrafts on Facebook it is not enough to add photos alone
b) Photos on Instagram must contain hashtags so that users can easily find them
c) It is not possible to create a business account on the Pinterest platform
d) Running a blog has a positive impact on the positioning of the site in search engines

4. What Facebook tools allow you to sell your products?

a) Marketplaces and auctions
b) Board and shop
c) Auction and shop
d) Shop and marketplace

5. What do you need to do to sell your products in the Etsy store?

a) First you need to create a profile on Etsy, then you can add products for sale
b) You don't need to create a profile, just send the products to the Etsy administrators to verify them
c) You don't need to create a new profile on Etsy, just create a shop on Facebook and connect accounts on these platforms
d) After creating a profile, you need to get the approval of administrators of Etsy for sale, and only then you can add products

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