The Value Add

F2F-Trust addresses extending and developing the competencies of mentors, who will support first group women learners in the next phase, motivating them to take part in this learning and self-development system through the effective use of digital technologies. This mentoring mechanism is aimed to increase awareness, to motivate, and to drive the first target group, rural women, in their new experience in marketing their handicraft productions, which may also reflect their cultural heritage.

Mentors who may be coming from diverse ethnical backgrounds similar to their mentees; but not necessarily. Mentors will drive their mentees starting from very scratch; buying the most feasible mobile device, to how to prepare themselves for self-learning; how to combat their fears against technology and ICT; be motivated for e-commerce, and understand its extreme value add. For being able to perform these mentoring; mentors will also receive a lot from F2F-Trust and develop themselves further, by completing their background knowledge to be fully competent in the e-commerce mentoring for micro-entrepreneur rural women...

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How did you find us?

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