Objectives - What are the Aims?

► Increase in practical awareness of current mobile technologies at the consumer and at a very basic but efficient level, better understanding of their rational selection by better understanding how to choose the right mobile technology/device for the purposes in consideration, leading to the reduction of waste investments on imported devices

► Widening horizons of handicraft producing women regarding their products, after they start using Internet technology and start observing similar products so that they will get inspired to develop their products further and according to the demand of wider markets

► Well educated and low educated women from different socioeconomic status and from diverse cultures and/or ethnics will come together with the project and with mentoring relationship; beyond this, they will be able to exchange further cultural and daily live-based experiences; while both mentors and mentees will have a chance to communicate with their peers borderless, being independent of their circumstances, but connecting to each other from handcrafting culture point, leading to better understanding to each other

► A new horizon for rural women to get to know "e-Life", "e-Commerce" and furthermore abroad markets and opportunities, widening their visions by means of also mentoring relationships, leading further self-development enthusiasm in diverse fields

Feedback - How did you find us?

How did you find us?

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